Search/Find/Like/Share - Perspectives in visual storytelling

Search/Find/Like/Share - Perspectives in visual storytelling

Les Silos, 7-9 Avenue Foch, Chaumont, France
part of Festival international de l’affiche et du graphisme

Search/Find/Like/Share shows visual stories about a society in transition. In response to recent political, social and economic crises society requires social commitment: involvement on large scale and conscious choices on a small base. By visually unravelling the complex structures of our time designers and photographers create a transparent view of the world. Their visual stories make the audience more aware of their own environment and behaviour on a personal to social level.

Today, design cannot only be defined by just technical performance, aesthetics, or creativity. As the role of the image in our society increases, the influence designers have on our behaviour and opinions grows. Design is part of creating further awareness and understanding about our new world order. The social relevance of design will not be determined by design itself, but by the designers attitude towards society.

Using visual storytelling as a tool, designers communicate events and opinions in a way that stands out from the continuous stream of images we encounter everyday. As there is always more than one side to a story, there are also different perspectives from which the visual storyteller can work. By exploring these various perspectives designers show the influence they can have on a society dominated by images.

Attitudes of image-makers, rather than disciplines or media form the core of the exhibition. The covered attitudes proceed from a society that is open to criticism, reflection and opinions of others in the formation of its own worldview. The role of an image-maker goes beyond shaping information; the image-maker is responsible for the interpretation and transfer of content.

Combining a socially relevant attitude these various perspectives on storytelling extends the designers role to:
Journalist – which creates compact and comprehensible reflections on the news stories of the day.
Scientist – which dissects complex systems so as to find a transparent view.
Agitator – which questions and shapes our personal opinions by provoking public debate.
Poet – which shares their personal reflections on reality to trigger the imagination.

By pushing the creative boundaries while acting responsibly, attitude-based designers will lead the way in the future of visual culture. Through exploring various roles, a designer can show how our changing behaviour coupled alongside our core human values, can be used to create a new level of understanding. It’s all about, Search, Find, Like, and Share.
25.05.2013 - 07.07.2013
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