Small Stories Bigger Picture

Small Stories Bigger Picture

Prolonged until December 16
We’re all part of a visual culture, a society that increasingly communicates with images. Various platforms are within everybody’s reach and the amount of images available via the Internet is vast. A combination of portable hardware and online software enables everyone, private and public, professional and amateur to share thoughts and adventures at any time and place.
Although we learn how to use language at school, visual literacy is not a common capability. The enormous quantity of visual stimuli in our environment makes it increasingly difficult to pinpoint the message of an image or to see it in its proper perspective. Contemporary tactics are necessary to clarify complex information in a way that people can understand, remember and interpret.

Designers are developing a way of transferring knowledge that has been used since prehistoric times: story telling. By blending other disciplines as photography, film, animation and graphic design new image forms emerge that visualize events, information and opinions.

The exhibition shows how image-makers create and share visual stories from various perspectives. Nowadays an image-maker can act as a poet, journalist, scientist and agitator. Their compact visual stories provide us with a wide scope of the world we live in.


Image creators taking the role of poet add a personal touch to everyday reality. Their original way of visualization triggers our own imagination.

Mini Vegas // Kungwoo Chun // Jeroen Visser // Vahram Muratyan // Ogilvy & Mather Mexico // Xavier Barrade // Christoph Niemann // Jan von Holleben // Studio Thomas Hillier // Sanne de Wilde (image)


Image creators taking the role of journalist reflect on news creating compact and comprehensible context for today’s topics.

Donald Weber // Peter Ørntoft // Chris de Bode // Lamosca // Gareth Holt // RSA Animate // Catalogtree // Grundini // Francesco Franchi (image)


Image creators taking the role of scientist dissect complex systems to create a transparent view on our environment.

Ben van den Broeck
// Anne Geene // Christien Meindertsma // Philip Schuette // Oslo School of Architecture & Design // Ji Lee // Metahaven // Calango & Fabrique // Sosolimited // Clever Franke // The Agency of Design working with Hal Watts // Nicholas Felton (image)


Image creators taking the role of agitator provoke public debate in order to shape up our personal opinion about everything.

Alisha Fijters // Gorilla // Studio Devet // Floris Kaayk // Renato Osoy // Circus Family // Pleix // André Thijssen // Superfertile (image by Joachim Lapotre)

Small Stories Bigger Picture is the result of collaboration between Breda Photo, Graphic Design Festival Breda, House for Visual Culture and MOTI. The exhibition remixes the theme’s ‘Homo Empathicus’ and ‘Visual Storytelling’ in an experience that shows how visual stories can stimulate and engage people to a more conscious state of being. Preparing for a future festival on visual culture this exhibition shows a cross section on contemporary visual culture. The exhibition is curated by Sven Ehmann (Gestalten - Berlin), Dennis Elbers (GDFB) en Geert van Eyck and Jan Scharlackens (Breda Photo).
13.09.2012 - 16.12.2012
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10:00 - 17:00
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